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Are You A Dating Professional Who's Clients Need Better Photos?

As a matchmaker or dating coach, your ultimate goal is to help your clients find their ideal match as quickly as possible. You likely recognize the significance of photos in achieving that goal. Depending on whether you primarily identify as a matchmaker or a dating coach (or both), your priorities and strategies may differ. Therefore, I will outline how I can offer support for each of these roles.


As a matchmaker, building trust with your clients and encouraging them to take the first step towards meeting their match is crucial, especially when they are located far away and a date requires a significant investment of time and resources.

One key tool in building that trust is the photo you provide of the potential match. The photo must be highly effective in conveying a sense of possibility and encouraging the client to take that important next step towards a date.

As a rare expert in dating photography I can help you or your photographers achieve this goal through a range of services, including:

  • Photographing your clients

  • Providing training for you or your photographers

  • Collaborating on courses, podcasts, and workshops

Let me show you how to create compelling photos that will help your clients take the leap and find their perfect match.

Dating Coaches

As a dating coach, your clients may be scattered across the country or even the world, likely engaging in online dating. Your aim is to maximize their success, and you recognize that photos are a crucial component of this endeavor. While I may be able to offer photography services depending on your location, I also have a straightforward guide that your clients can provide to their local photographer to ensure that their photos possess the necessary qualities for optimal online dating results. Most photographers may not be familiar with these requirements.

As a rare expert in dating photography, here are some potential ways we can collaborate:

  • I can photograph your clients.

  • I can provide training to your clients or their local photographer.

  • We can work together on courses, podcasts, or workshops.

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