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Online Dating Photography

Dating Photography Has A Purpose. Do it Right

As I’m sure you’ve already discovered, online dating can be frustrating, especially if you’re over 40.


But what if it didn’t have to be like that?


Believe it or not, it’s possible for you to stand out online and attract wonderful men who appreciate you and treat you really well – without changing a thing about yourself.


When a dating site displays your profile, it's shown next to a dozen other profiles. After a while, the profiles all blur together. It’s a sea of faces. And no one has time to carefully read each profile… let alone respond to them.

So how are you supposed to stand out?


The secret to attracting high-quality men — the kind you’d actually want to date — lies in your profile photos. You need photos that show who you are on the inside, because no one wants to evaluated solely on their outer appearance.


Now I know, you might be thinking, “Easy for you to say; you’re a photographer.” But hear me out, because there's something new here you haven't heard before.


Authentic, natural photos that show you when you're at your best... those are one of the most important keys to attracting high-quality men. Great photos do a lot of the "heavy lifting" for you. And they start conversations that would never happen otherwise.


Let me explain.


A few years ago, a neuroscientist named Dr. Antonio Damasio made a groundbreaking discovery that is going to change how you think about online dating forever.


He studied people with damage in the part of the brain where emotions are created. Every person in the study seemed normal, but they all had one weird problem.


Even though the logical parts of their brains worked just fine, participants couldn’t make basic decisions about anything... including where to eat!


Dr. Damasio discovered something profound about how we make decisions. The first thing we do is go inside and check to see which option "feels right". THEN we back it up with logic.




A really killer photo makes a person feel something. Maybe that feeling is warmth, or tenderness, or excitement, or something else entirely… but it’s there.


When a man feels that “something,” he will click on your photo. Then, they explore your profile. And if he's still interested, they he will you a message.


But if your photo doesn’t spark a feeling, he won’t bother. And he will keep searching until he finds a photo of someone else who sparks his curiosity. So that’s the key: To get higher quality responses you need photos that break through the sea of “me too” faces.


Please don't think you have to look like a model, or be photogenic, to have incredible online dating photos. In fact, my favorite customers are people who hate having their pictures taken. 

Why? I’ve been in this business a long time. And I know the amazing feeling of the big reveal—showing a client her pictures for the first time. There’s nothing like watching her eyes light up, when she sees how beautiful she truly is.


Now, I know it's not all about looks, but having magnetic photos sure does help get things started! That’s why I developed the True You Method for taking amazing online dating photos. (More about that in a minute.)

And I’m proud to say my business has grown beyond my wildest dreams, because True You photos work like a charm. These days, I’m often booked months in advance. 


To help serve more people, I’ve taught the True You Method to a carefully selected group of photographers around the Boston area. When you work with one of my specially-trained photographers, you’re going to quickly see that the photos we capture are unlike anything you've seen before.


Client after client has said, “I never had a photo I liked of myself, but this was great! I felt so attractive. And the pictures were amazing.”


The True You Method is light-years ahead of other portrait photography and here's why.

  • First, the True You Method was designed to meet the unique needs of online dating. These portraits aren’t just beautiful, they’re designed to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Second, the True You Method is easy and fun. Our photographers have a knack for making you feel comfortable. When you’re comfortable, your best smile shines through. And when that magical smile happens, your photographer is right there… ready to capture your essence with their camera. 

  • Third, your True You Method portraits are a perfect reflection of your best inner qualities. And that’s what is going to help you attract the man of your dreams.


I can show you hundreds of beautiful examples of True You portraits, but the important thing for you to know is that these photos get results.

For example, Susan quadrupled the amount of responses she was getting in less than 24 hours once she uploaded her new photos. And the quality of the men she was meeting went up as well.


And Karen said she's been receiving ten times as many responses on thanks to her new photos. She'll never have to settle for someone she feels lukewarm about, because she has lots of high-quality men to pick from... and those men are pursuing her.

Another side benefit of having True You portraits is that you have full permission to post them on other social media sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook.

In fact, clients often tell me their friends and family went nuts on Facebook, when they saw the new pics. It’s fun to see to the hundreds of likes people get on their portraits, because it just confirms how beautiful my clients are… inside and out. 


The first thing you need to know is that this is unlike any photo session you've ever experienced. This is nothing like those 30 minute "quickie" sessions in a shopping mall. This is a full 2-3 hour experience designed to capture all the different and amazing aspects of yourself on camera.


When you first arrive, you'll have time to settle in and get to know your photographer. You'll unpack the clothing together, and see what the options are. From there, what happens next is meant to be a bit of a secret, because we want you to be responding naturally to what's happening in the moment.


One thing I can tell you, though, is that the time will fly by. Clients are often surprised at how comfortable they felt and how easy the experience was. And once they see some of the photos right there on the back of the camera, their idea of how attractive they are suddenly goes way up!

Why is a Dating Photo Different?

You're not looking for a job. A headshot has a purpose. A dating photo has a different purpose. Actually a few different purposes. 

  1. To attract attention. There are a lot of photos out there. Your first photo needs to stand out. Sorry, if that makes you feel uncomfortable but it's true

  2. Attractiveness: As you know from all the bad photos you see, it matters how the photo is taken. Lighting, angles, composition, background. All of that matters. Why not do the best with who you are to allow your physical beauty stand out in the absolute best way possibe. Why not? 

  3. Beauty is felt also. After you read this pay attention to how you experience someone with a genuine smile vs,a forced smile. Its different and it matters. Beauty is not just about one's physical body but one can experience their beauty based on the experience they have looking at the photo. Beauty is felt,

  4. Connection: Do you ever feel a connection with a 2 dimensional photo? I'm guessing yes. When a photo is capturing a genuine moment a peek at a person, a candid, something often happens in the viewing of the photo - a feeling of connection. What if all of your photos were taken in such a way to make that sense of connection happen to the viewer.  Since they already have had a "sense' of you, they kind of know you from your photo, they are more likely to put the effort into following through.

There's other things as well

  1. Showing different real sides of you

  2. Let him know you're not looking for a buddy

  3. Let him know that you are available for a romantic relationsh

About Us

Jon has taken online dating photos for about 1000 clients and has figured out how to consistantly have the photos be effective for this purpose. 

But even more importantly the experience of the shoot itself and the resulting photos very often leads to a transformation, where the subject feels ready date feeling like a catch. 


Since putting up my True You photos, I've had better guys write to me. They're more genuine, interested in getting to know me, and more fascinated by me and who I am. I notice they're more invested in the interaction. The messages I'm getting (and the people) are now usually more thoughtful and sincere.”

- Evonne, Los Angeles, CA

Jerry Bluetone

- Evonne, Los Angeles, CA

In the middle of the session, he showed me a few photos on the back of his camera. I was shocked that I actually looked good! Now I could always chalk it up to him getting a lucky shot or two (I’m a photographer myself)…


…but a couple of weeks later when Jon sent me ALL the photos, there were dozens and dozens of shots of me looking quite good. It made me realize that I don't look as bad as I thought.

- Marylou, Boston, MA

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