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Jon's Story

Jon is an expert at capturing authenticity in camera-aware subjects. He believes in this art and skill as a powerful element to add to most headshots or portraits to 1) enable the photos to function better for their intended purpose and 2) allow the subjects to see themselves in a very different light.

For the past 15 years, Jon has dedicated himself to the art of online dating photography, establishing himself as a true specialist in the field. Throughout his career, he has expertly captured the essence and allure of approximately 1000 individuals, specifically tailored for the purpose of online dating. In fact, Jon can be credited with revolutionizing the way online dating photography is approached and executed. Such is his expertise that he now imparts his knowledge to other photographers, teaching them his innovative techniques and methodologies.


Highly regarded within the dating industry, Jon's methods have received resounding confirmation from experts in the field. Through meticulous research and practical experience, he has developed proven techniques for capturing dating photos that yield exceptional results. These methods have been refined and honed over time, allowing individuals to present themselves in the best possible light within the unique context of online dating.


What truly fuels Jon's passion is the ability to help people see themselves in a new light. He firmly believes that the notion of being "photogenic" is not contingent upon one's physical appearance but rather on their emotional experience with the camera. If you have ever doubted your photogenic qualities, Jon wants you to know that it stems solely from your previous encounters with the camera, not from your inherent attractiveness. By embracing and applying the methods and tricks he teaches, you can transform your experience with the camera and redefine your perception of yourself.


In essence, Jon's expertise extends far beyond photography; it delves into the realms of self-discovery and empowerment. Through his teachings, or more so with a photo experience with a photographer certified in his method, you will not only enhance your online dating profile but also gain a newfound appreciation for your own beauty and radiance. Let Jon be your guide as you embark on a transformative journey toward embracing your true self and captivating others through the power of photography.

While these skills initially developed to capture captivating dating photos, their principles transcend into various other realms of photography, such as headshots, portraits, and especially branding photography. The art of connecting with the subject remains invaluable across most genres involving people. Jon not only possesses this expertise but also imparts it to other photographers.By sharing his expertise, Jon empowers fellow photographers to push the boundaries of their craft and achieve new heights of excellence.

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