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Opportunities To Work Together

Photoshoots - For Online Dating or Matchmaking

Bring me your toughest case, and I'll be happy. The shoot can happen where I am located in Boston or South Florida or anywhere in the world. There might also be someone certified by me in your area to do this work, 

Truth, people look better in photos: more attractive and more desirable when they are simply being themselves, without the awareness of the camera. But that is tricky to accomplish. Please bring me your toughest most "unphotogenic" case. It will be my greatest joy to give that person a new sense of who they truly are and to allow that potential match to really see their beauty and amazingness.   

Working with Dating Professionals


There are very few photographers in the world who teach dating photography. Adding the novelty of a presentaion on this topic could add significantly to the value and enticement of a workshop or course or podcast that you create related to single people.

Some presentation or course options from me:

  • Feeling better about yourself through photos taken correctly

  • Dating while older - and self image

  • Learn how to take better dating photos yourself 

"We have a Certified Dating Photographer on Our Team"

Everyone knows how important dating photos are. Be able to eleveate your brand with a certified dating photographer on your team. 

Give me your toughest clients wherever they are in the world.

People who are certain that aren't photogenic are my favorite clients, since I get to prove them wrong EVERY time. 

Professional Photographers

Become a Certified Online Dating Photographer

With this certification you can improve your own local value for this kind of work. You will also be able to get referrals from my own marketing. Since my marketing is worldwide, when a client needs my work it is often too costly to hire me as their photographer. But a local certified photographer could make it easier to have the photos they need. The certification program is an advanced program with live guidence to ensure the success of the students.  

Add the Impact of Greater Authenticity
To All of Your Work

We all know that authenticity in the subject adds a significant impant to almost all of our work. And we all have some tricks to accomplish that. What if you had not just a couple of tricks but a vast handbook (in an online course) of all of the various ways you can bring out a sense of "real" in your subject. Well, that is in the works. Click here if you have interest in that. 

And as a side benifit of this kind of authenticity in your work your clients will NEED to purchase more of their photos. A very nice side benifit. 

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